This Years Gear

For this post, I want to go into the details of the most recent gear that will change the world. Here’s a few of the items that have just been released by manufacturers, that our staff and writers see becoming the next trend in gadgets and electronic tech..

Charging Pads

Lets face it, electronic suck to charge. Chargers aren’t sexy at all, they always change the port types on the end of them which is extremely annoying and makes you have to buy different models, the wires tangle up and seem to never be long enough. The future has been phone, laptop and accessory charging pads, and we have known this for a long time. But, do we know just how far it will go?

Prediction: The use of phones and devices will continue its upward trend in terms of use, so there is good reason for better charging technology. The small pads that you currently lay your device on, in order to charge it, is novel- but it also isn’t IT! Pretty soon, we will see the technology get bigger and better. Entire surfaces will be power stations, for half the cost of what it used to be at the micro level. People will have them all installed in their homes and have entire counters dedicated to device charging. The pads themselves, will no longer be pads. They will become far more aesthetically pleasing as well- possible even lying under your counter top surface so you won’t even see it. The charge will soon be ultra quick. In the amount of time it takes you to charge your phone through your outlet, you will be able to do in half the time through the pads. It will be really interesting to see where phone and accessory charging pads goes.

Hologram Tablets

Right now, tablets are awesome. With Apple releasing the newer and larger ipad, most people will get into them, even when before they might now have been interested. they occupy a market that is perfect- they are far more useful, media friendly and dynamic than a smartphone, but more portable, lighter and durable than a laptop. This will always be a thing, but to what extent will it go and how will it collide with hologram tech.


Since the days of star wars, I have been into hologram technology. We always saw floating heads and computer 3D renderings in various movies as kids, and it is interesting how we have not gotten further here in this technology. Where are we at now? Currently, we have been limited to live concerts with previously dead artists kept alive by hologram, that last about 10 minutes- don’t believe me? Check this Tupac live concert of 2011. But how is it that we have only been able to extend this use to one use-case. When will it explode. We think tablets will be the first means of exploding.

3D TV’s have been around for years, and they came and went pretty quickly. Mostly because it is kind of nauseating to watch 3D movies all the time, you need the glasses and the technology just isn’t right yet- nobody wants 3D 24/7. They’ve tried a different crack at it with Google glass, and it also wasn’t right- nobody wants to wear glasses! What I can see in the future in terms of virtual reality, is some kind of contact lense that will be in your eye constantly and process data and display with micro projectors in your own eye- cool huh? But we are years off of that kind of micro-computer tech. What’s next and how does this lead to hologram- here’s how..

Hologram tech will be good enough soon where it is going to make sense- for tablet tech and culture to accept that holograms can be added- we will lie our tablet down on the ground and watch movies in all out 3D projections in color, projected into thin air. Not only movies will be the market, but the world of education and porn will emerge strongly here too- it’s true!!! Mark our words, but it will no longer be an entertainment system where you will mount a TV, it will be and entire 3D L-shaped wall where things will come to life and ping-pong between 3D and 2D for an incredible entertainment and educational experience.