Gear Galore

There is a lot of great gear coming out this year. So much so, that we decided to start the blog out strong and do a complete and total recap. One of our favorites happens to be the new unveiled iphone, but what else is out there? The newer and larger ipad? Absolutely. However, some of our favorite, you probably have never heard of:Pack

I have heard of this new device, it is just so cool. The apple watch– not exactly. Apple watch and its internet of things use-case, just wasn’t enough for apple to keep going. The watch is such a gimmick- It tried to play off of James Bond movies, and nobody will ever use it. It also goes to show you that people really will buy anything from Apple. Not only that, but there are also so many other gimmicky items out there. Things like FitBit and Jawbone are among this group.

But my favorite of them all, is a waterproof and indestructible laptop backpack. It is made of titanium and functions in a way so that if you happen to drop it in some way (even from 10 yards off the ground onto concrete), everything remains intact. Inside, there’s a spring based fabric, and it is strapped to in tight. It will also give you a complete water proofed option. It is made for motorcyclists and bikers who can be a bit rough with their laptops. In case you get into an accident, you will not lose all of your data and be stranded in terms of what you do for your livelihood.

These laptops can go for 2K+ these days, so why not shell out the $100 to protect them securely? Check it out here– I believe it has raised a lot of money, maybe over 200K at this point. I have bought a few for friends and they have all recommended it to their own friends. There is also another tech gadget that has really caught my eye recently. It was something that was the best a few years ago- please see the next post to discover that new gadget!!

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