When Cars Drive Themselves

Let’s start talking about my favorite technology! Cars that drive themselves.

The technology isn’t exactly brand new- From what I have heard recently, Google has had cars that drive themselves for years now. Crazy how all this kind of stuff can happen right under our own noses huh? They have apparently driven 1 million miles around the world already with absolutely no accidents! Insane! Pure madness!

Lets weigh in here exactly what we think the future holds for this tech…

It will be quite a while first of all, until it is completely accepted and adopted by the American public. Think about all the red tape we will have to go through in order to get legislation for large quantities of these vehicles on the road. Supposedly, they are all great vehicles and have no problem maneuvering around the toughest parts of traffic- but, the main concern thus far is navigating through inclement weather. It is a tough thing for google to program for as it is so random. What will be really interesting is when they extend the product out to all the different markets- garbage trucks, tractor trailers, ambulances and limos- I know my friends who owns a company in MA called Springfield Luxurious Limousines will be ready as he’s tired of paying his crappy drivers.

But the upside to the technology is magnanimous. Humans are the main reason that so many automobile accidents occur every year. We get drunk, we fall asleep behind the wheel and get in horrible accidents all the time. Traffic is horrible and could be avoided if it wasn’t for human curiosity, slowdowns etc. It’s about trying to get many of these supercomputers to work in harmony across long distances.

One thing has always amazed me- the field of Bio-mimicry! Have you ever heard of it guys? It takes the study of geology and biology and synthesizes certain elements for human use. The general pitch for the field is that their is a vast world of millions of KNOWN species with billions of years of evolution. Albeit, they have figured out a way to live with the earth and been doing their product testing for much longer, so we learn from biology in these fields. Common applications of biomimicry include the study of African Termite Mounds. In the most interesting ways, the mounds stay a consistent 80 degrees through the intense Serengeti heat during the day and through the frigid night temperatures. We have successfully been able to take the core elements and learned from termites here. We use similar honeycomb shapes, fungus and ventilation similar to what they do and created buildings in Peru based around it.

Cars that drive themselves, have similar technology that we can learn from. One piece of biology that we learn from is locusts. They fly by the millions per square nudred yards, and they never run into each other! Now how is that for perfect traffic management! imagine if we could create something similar for our roads and cars driving on them…

Interesting stuff eh?

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